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华亿彩票网址|科曼25年前预言曝光:“破坏者”才能执教巴萨 我和克圣不一样

In 1995, after ending his Barcelona player career, Koeman published his autobiography "My Barcelona" with the help of "World Sport" reporters Pere Ge and Francis Perenau. In the book, Koeman reviewed the six seasons he played for Barcelona and revealed his hope to coach Barcelona's goals. After 25 years, Koeman finally achieved the ultimate goal of his coaching career.

1995年,科曼结束了他在巴塞罗那的职业生涯之后,在《世界体育报》记者Pere Ge和Francis Perenau的帮助下出版了自传《我的巴塞罗那》。在书中,科曼回顾了他为巴萨效力的六个赛季,并透露了他执教巴萨进球的希望。 25年后,科曼终于实现了他的教练职业生涯的最终目标。

After hanging up his boots in 1997, Koeman returned to Camp Nou and served as Van Gaal's assistant. The media predicted at the time that Koeman would take over as the coach of Barcelona if Van Gaal was dismissed. However, in 1998, the impatient Koeman returned to the Dutch national team as Hiddink's assistant coach and played in the French World Cup with the team. In 1999, Koeman took over the coach of Waiters and officially started his coaching career. However, in his coaching career, Koeman's goal has always been to coach Barcelona.

在1997年挂起靴子后,科曼回到了诺坎普球场,并担任范加尔的助手。当时有媒体预测,如果范加尔被解雇,科曼将接任巴塞罗那的教练。然而,在1998年,急躁的科曼以希丁克的助理教练的身份回到了荷兰国家队,并随队参加了法国世界杯。 1999年,科曼接任了Waiters的教练,并正式开始了他的教练生涯。然而,在他的执教生涯中,科曼的目标始终是执教巴塞罗那。

In the book "My Barcelona", Koeman revealed that he would return to Feyenoord after leaving Barcelona, ​​but Koeman at the time had already considered coaching Barcelona in the future. He revealed that he is more like a "destroyer", "To coach Barcelona, ​​you often have to be very characterful, such as someone like Cruyff. In fact, he does a good job and has never met Question. What I want to know is whether I can coach Barcelona one day."


The confident Koeman quickly gave the answer, "I think I have this ability, I am prepared, and have enough experience. I will use a lot of what Cruyff taught me. As for tactics , I have some different opinions. I like to use wingers, three-backs or four-backs. If you need to make changes in the game, then you must change, because the final result is the most important. In Barcelona, ​​we are in a lot of There are risks in the game. The coach must help the team find a balance. We will see how the future develops."


When talking about the way Cruyff manages the locker room, Koeman said he would take a different approach, “As a coach, he is very tough and has high demands on the players. Usually, he criticizes the players through the media. . Of course he can do it, but I prefer to do it in the locker room."

在谈到克鲁伊夫管理更衣室的方式时,科曼说,他会采取一种不同的方法,“作为一名教练,他非常坚强,对球员要求很高。通常,他通过媒体批评球员。 。他当然可以做到,但是我更喜欢在更衣室里做到。”

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Surprisingly, as a player, Koeman has a forward-looking mind. He mentioned in his autobiography that Barcelona should have its own sports city. He said, "A club like Barcelona needs training facilities similar to Milanello. The environment around La Masia is too messy. You have to cross the road to go to the mini court, even in the amateur team. Such a situation.” It is worth mentioning that although Koeman made such a proposal in 1995, Barcelona did not build a sports city until 2009.

令人惊讶的是,作为一名球员,科曼有着前瞻性的思维。他在自传中提到巴塞罗那应该有自己的体育华亿彩票城市。他说:“像巴塞罗那这样的俱乐部需要类似于Milanello的训练设施。拉马西亚(L Masia)周围的环境太乱了。即使在业余队中,您也必须过马路才能去迷你球场。”值得一提的是,尽管科曼在1995年提出了这样的建议,但巴塞罗那直到2009年才建成体育城市。

In this autobiography, Koeman also criticized Núñez, who was the chairman of Barcelona at the time, for "keeping a distance from the players, but we are not aliens." At the same time, Koeman also praised Amaldo Bernabéu (long-term vice chairman of Barcelona in charge of finance and grandfather of Pique), "Compared with other management, he has a better relationship with players and he is more in managing players. Humanize". In the end, Koeman once again revealed his goal, "After learning how to coach, I hope I can return to Barcelona one day."

在这部自传中,科曼还批评当时的巴塞罗那董事长努涅斯“与球员保持距离,但我们不是外星人”。同时,科曼还称华亿彩票赞了阿马尔多·伯纳乌(AmaldoBernabéu)(巴塞罗那的长期副主席,负责财务和皮克(Pique)的祖父):“与其他管理层相比,他与球员之间的关系更好,他在球员管理方面也更加出色。 ”。最后,科曼再次透露了自己的目标:“在学习了教练之后,我希望有一天能回到巴塞罗那。”



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